Sincerity by Leto
Part 2 - Gary Oak's view

I got all the Pokemon badges, that goes without saying. It wasn't hard, either. Of course, it wouldn't be hard for such a master Pokemon trainer! But I don't want to be just another entrant in the Pokemon League. I want to make a name for myself. I want to stand out.

Sure, I've established myself as a great trainer. But only people who I've actually encountered realise that. I have to let the world know that Gary Oak is the best Pokemon trainer in the world, and when I enter the Pokemon League, every television camera and newspaper story will follow MY progress!

You know what REALLY gets on my nerves? That sorry loser Ash Ketchum, despite being one of the most pathetic Pokemon trainers there is, has made a name for himself without even trying. Wherever I go, I hear people talking about how the loser saved their Pokemon Center or Gym or whole town... winner of the P1 championships... winner in the Laramie Pokemon race...

When he's around I just treat him as a minor nuisance but I just want to lose my cool so much... he annoys me, really annoys me. He knows nothing about Pokemon or strategy and constantly has a blank expression on his face, he doesn't even put his Pikachu inside a Pokeball, yet he somehow has something that I don't have.

I wish I knew what it was. Then I'd stomp him. I run rings around him in Pokemon capture, Pokemon knowledge, Pokemon raising... but somehow, he has me topped in popularity.

Well, I know what I can do that'll make me popular for sure. When I capture Mewtwo everyone'll respect me and say the name "Gary Oak" as a legend in Pokemon training! That's how it should be!

Because... nobody ever took me seriously before. When I said I wanted to be a great Pokemon trainer, people in Pallet would smile and pat me on the head - so patronising - and say "isn't it nice that the boy wants to be like his grandpa". Not even my parents thought I could actually amount to anything.

Even my younger sister would constantly tease me. She's only 8 but even she realises that no great Pokemon trainers have ever come from Pallet. Even Grandpa wasn't born here, he said that he went there because it was a nice sleepy town where he could relax and not be bothered by lots of 'Pokemaniacs' looking for Pokemon breeding tips.

In class, I'd always choose to do my projects or talks on Pokemon. In art, I'd paint or sculpt Pokemon. My stories were about Pokemon battles and adventures with trainers. My dream was no secret. My classmates always made fun of me though, calling me "The Pokemon Master" in mocking tones. I got tougher then.

Gramps was the only one who took me even remotely seriously. He sometimes talked to me about Pokemon and explained things in his serious voice. My favourite times was when he took me into his lab and showed me a new Pokemon.

It made me really mad when he took such an interest in Ash. He's MY grandfather, he should be putting his faith in me, not Ash. Ha. Well, I'm a better trainer. I'll show them all.

I walk down the street thinking these thoughts. My cheerleaders, as usual, follow along behind me like a flock of sheep, giggling and chirping encouragement. Don't they ever get tired? I mean, they're encouraging me for WALKING DOWN THE STREET! They get on my nerves too but they're good for my image.

Absorbed in my thoughts, I step around a corner and crash into someone. We both fall backwards. Cross that someone saw me losing my dignity for a moment, I jump to my feet instantly.

"Hey loser, watch where you're going!"

The person looks up and I recognise him.

"Well, if it isn't what's-his-face from Pallet! What was your name again? Guess it's not significant enough to stick in my mind..."

"Ohh, Gary, what are you doing here?"

"Hey Ash, I could ask you the same question. Cerulean City? What, are you still trying to get your Cascadebadge?"

Ash gives me a slightly smug look and opens his jacket, revealing eight badges. I smile in a way that I know must be infuriating.

"You know Ash, you really shouldn't steal badges from people. Have you joined the ranks of Team Rocket now?"

Woah! I must've hit a sore spot, 'cos now Ash looks really really mad.

"GARY! You take that back! I'd never join Team Rocket! Take it back! I was just here 'cos Misty wanted to visit her sisters!"

"Gary, Gary, go Gary!"

"Misty... ah, I get it now. She was a Cerulean City Gym Leader once, wasn't she? So that's how you got those badges. You had an in."

"I earned these badges fair and square!"


I notice that Ash's Pikachu is with him, as usual.

"Huh. I notice your Pikachu is still out of its Pokeball. Even after all this time, you're not a good enough trainer to make it behave!"

"Gary Oak, he's the best, beating out, all the rest!"

"For your information, I don't WANT to put Pikachu in a Pokeball if it doesn't want to. Pikachu and I are friends."

"Pika pi, pikachu!"

"Friends? Why d'you wanna be friends with a shrimpy little Pokemon like that?"

Ash's Pikachu is starting to look mad too, and before I can respond, with a shrill cry of "PikaCHUUU!" it shows how it got the name 'electric mouse'. My fanclub discovers this too.

"You can't control your Pikachu, obviously," I say, feeling a bit dazed. "You shouldn't be a trainer if you can't stop Pikachu from attacking people."

"You shouldn't insult it like that. Gary, if you want to pick a fight, okay!" He pulls a Pokeball out his pocket and moves as if to throw it.

"Hold it. It's my policy never to fight amateur trainers. It's not fair to them."

"AMATEUR? I'll have you know -"

Affecting a nonchalance I don't quite feel, I decide to end the conversation before he can push the issue.

"Well Ash, been nice to see you - maybe - nice to see you still haven't improved much, right now I've got more important matters on my mind, like catching Mewtwo."

"Mewtwo?" Ash looks blank, he obviously has never heard of it before. I figured as much.

"Yeah, super powerful Pokemon, only one of its kind, rumour has it that it's stunningly beautiful, just the right sort of Pokemon for me, wouldn't you say? Anyway, gotta go, Pokemon to catch, people to impress, bye bye Ash..."

I stroll off, hearing Ash mutter to himself "Why, you..."

I can't wait to catch Mewtwo. That'll show them. That'll show them all.

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